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News: Residence Figerod

Placed to 20 kms from Aosta and to 10 kms. from the border with the Swiss in the place Cerisey a small fraction of Saint Rhemy en Bosses, to 1.400 mt. of halt., cottages entirely restructured with barbecue to the open one for appetizing grigliate, situated in sunny position to the insignia of the calm and the relax. Possibility of convention for possible meals with the hotel of ownership to 3 kms. They are endowed with tv color, Kitchen furnished of dish and pentolame and oven microonde.Interamente furnished in wood with elegant coordinated in warm shades they are elegant pleasant and comforting.
For any clarification or information do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Thank you for choosing and collaboration given to us.
Località frazione Cerisey 26,
11010 – Saint Rhemy en Bosses (AO)
Tel + 39 0165 78210 – 789007
Fax + 39 0165 789907
E mail: info@beausejour.it